Friday, July 4, 2014



It is generally believed in Nigeria especially in Yoruba land that it is a taboo to speak ill of the dead; no matter what the sin of the dead is, it is believed that death does the cleansing of mortal being of any wrong doing.
This belief however seems to be strange to Segun Alawaye, a popular socialite who ruled the social scene like a colossus in the late 80s through the 90s. To Segun, who was at a time  benefactor to immensely rich Femi Otedola, he would never forgive the sin of Aare Musulumi of Yoruba land for daring to snatch the then love of his lis Faramade.
Those who are in the know informed that Faramade was married to Segun, but when the wind of change blew his way and affected his finances, Faramade decided to leave the socialite's troubled water and decided to settle for Arisekola's still water.
For a long time we gathered Segun was disheartened because of the way the woman he professed much love to dumped him like a hot frying pan without a handle.
When he saw that he pleas could not get the desired result, he decided to move on in life
Surprisingly, when the news of the death of Arisekola broke,  Segun Alawaye who was with a couple of friend at their usual rendezvous, requested for a bottle of an expensive Champagne claiming that it was for his enemy.
Although, most of the friends celebrated with him, one or two however disapproved the celebration.
Segun Alawaye was very influential in the life of Forte Oil chairman Femi Otedola when they were both growing up. He had rich parents that helped him to become successful earlier in life, but things took a downward turn for him that he had no option than to team up with the late MIC boss, Tunji Okusanya.  It when Otedola who had become so rich then learnt about his blossom friend working with MIC that he decided to lift him back into reckoning.

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