Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How Husband And Step Son Dimeji Bankole Contributed To The Unfortunate Death Of Iyalode Adunni Bankole

 Many people who heard the tragic death of society matriarch and the ever cheerful Gbagura high Chief, Iyalode Adunni Bankole were shocked to their bone marrow because Iyalode showed no sign of ill health or infirmity. Moreover, she was also regular at social gatherings with permanent smile on her adorable face. But those who know informed that beneath the smiles there was sadness and disappointment.

The late Iyalode was known to be married to a very successful businessman and well respected politician Chief Alani Bankole. But the riches of the husband did not in any way translate to her well being and had to resort to many undeserving things to survive. It got so bad that she had to turn to odd ways in the UK to survive. Yet the husband did not see anything wrong in helping her predicament. 
According to reliable information from the household of the Bankoles, the husband paid Iyalode a paltry sum of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) for her upkeeps and nothing else came her way. It got to a point that she had to pack out of the house to a new house in Ikorodu.
 Iyalode lived a life of sadness towards the end of her life that may not be known to people out there because she almost became a laughing stock among people because of the way the husband treated her.  But for her good-hearted nature, many related with her with utmost respect
Also, the former speaker of the Federal House of Representative Demiji Bankole added to her gloom  in a way. It was learnt that Iyalode Adunni played a loving mother to Dimeji and even helped in selling him to the media because her closeness to the profession and to many people in his quest for the reps seat; but when Dimeji assumed power, he remembered he has a biological mother; and that is not Iyalode Adunni  Bankole. Also, it is a well known fact that Iyalode did not toy with her medicals, and it became a problem of sort when things were down for her to get help from her supposed son who was up there. Dimeji never looked her way and because she was not a pauper, she decided to do her crying in the rain. 

 These and many more were responsible for the sudden heart problem that affected the woman till she breath her last on her daughter Mopelola's wedding

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