Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SIFAX BOSS TAIWO AFOLABI STUNS WITH NEW YATCH …Sails From Osborne Home To Radisson Blu Hotel To Eat Dinner With Friends

Many people around the world pray daily for riches; but the real fact is that most often times, those who desire riches become extremely busy without having time to enjoy when money decides to become their best friend. This is why a great thinker concluded that “The riches of the game of wealth are in the thrills, not the money” . For Ambassador Taiwo Afolabi, the man-in-charge of the SIFAX GROUPS, wealth without pleasure is nothing but mere bondage. That is why he would not be caught in the web of billionaires who hardly have time for enjoyment.

Just last week Sunday the 25th of January 2015, the shipping lord had some few guests at his Osborne Ikoyi home. Despite having enormous food and drinks at home, Sifax boss invited his friends to a dinner at the Oba Otudeko owned Radisson Blu Hotel in Victoria Island. About the time his friends were thinking of driving behind him to the hotel that is not more than few metres away, Taiwo drove straight to a quayside and behold, his newly acquired sea beauty was waiting for the team to climb into her.
The cruise to the hotel took extra minutes because Taiwo Afolabi sailed around the beautiful Island of Lagos for some time before getting to the hotel.  Some of the people who saw the team coming down from the boat that Sunday evening, admitted that it was a better way to flaunt wealth despite coming in expensive cars.
The dinner went so well because it had some ‘party boasters’ in attendance and the sight of the beautiful eves made the night more relaxing before they all went away the way they came.

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