Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Robbers burgled Encomium editor, Tade Asifat's apartment on jibowu Road,via U-Turn, Abule Egba Area, Lagos and carted away cash,expensive jewelry,iPad,expensive phones and other items, worth thousands of naira.
The incident which happened on Thursday,march 3,2016 left the family devastated for days. However,the incident has since been reported at Oko Oba Divisional Police Office. But till this moment,there have been no clues as to the arrest of the perpetrators of the evil act.
Tade and wife

Recounting the ugly incident on Friday, April 8,2016 on the occasion of his birthday tagged,Only God Is Enough and Thanksgiving Day,the famous writer expressed appreciation to God for His Mercy and Protection over his family.
According to Asifat,the incident still remains a mystery; but was optimistic that God is enough to bring back all the stolen items in multiple folds.
"Nobody knows why I am happy today. I think I am the only one who can say exactly what the reason is,and perhaps my lovely wife. The robbery incident of Thursday,March 3,2016 is till a mystery, but I thank God that nobody was harmed.
"The robbers came around 1 am,burgled the house and carted away cash,expensive jewelry,many phones,ipad and other items. But the beauty of it all is that,no one was attacked or injured. So,that's what called for today's joy and thanksgiving. I strongly believe whatever the stolen items,God is enough to bring them back in multiples because when there is life,there is hope"

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