Friday, April 1, 2016

Wealthy Nigerians Go For New Toy From Mercedes Benz It’s Called 2017 G Guard Mamba.

 Nigerians in their craze for acquiring super toys for pleasure have been besieging car marts in both Europe and America for the new 2017 G Guard Mamba.
The new vehicle that is specially built has caught the attention of Nigerians especially the South Southern people of the Niger Delta, who have been making orders for the distinctive automobile that is tested bullet proof.
 For more than 30 years now, the Mercedes Benz has maintained a unique brand of its G- Wagon series that you’ll hardly tell a difference in its mode.  It's hard to spot any changes to several series that have been driven around the globe.

The vehicle is shot at from every angle; the locations are specified by the German Department of Firearms Testing. The certificate documents the ballistic resistance of the vehicle.
Some of the other qualities of the super vehicle include:
Integrated protection system – safety ex factory.
Glass – safety and protection from panes.
Extinguisher systems – built-in fire fighters.
Security of the joins – no gaps that can be breached.
Panic alarm system – the safety button.
Drive system and wheels – hold the road even in an emergency.
Traction – easy handling even on extreme terrain.
VR = Vehicle Resistance

BRV = Bullet Resistant Vehicle (Directive for the testing and certification of bulletproof vehicles)

(G 500 Guard: Fuel consumption combined: 18.1 l/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 423 g/km)[1]

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