Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I’m crazy fan of Hugo Boss Perfume-LANRE TERIBA (ATORISE)

Evangelist Lanre Teriba hit the limelight with the release of his first album titled ATORISE (Reformer) in the year 2000. Instantly, the spirit-filled song took over the country and in no time the quiet and gifted musician turned an instant celebrity. Recently, Lanre Teriba who has shown that he cannot be pushed aside in making fashion statement shared the ideas behind some of the things he wears. Read  on. …
Local Fabric
For over two years now, I’ve been using just one person for my local fabric. The guy name is OPC; though I do not know why he stuck to that name for his trade but I know it’s not to proclaim his membership of the Yoruba group. OPC has his fashion designing outfit at Onipanu, Shomolu area of Lagos State. I really like the way he does his designs that I can recommend him for anyone to patronize.


One thing about me is that I love designer stuffs. I really don’t like to go for less when it comes to getting my fashion item. So for my jeans, I wear quality ones like Gucci, Banana Republic and the old Levis but I love Salvatore Ferragamo most.
   On my T-Shirts, I love the same Ferragamo; but I wear a lot of Dolce and Gabana (D&G), Next, Marc Jacob and the likes.

Most times, I wear next for my regular shirts and when it comes to my dress shirts, I have this wonderful Nigerian designer that does that for me. The guy is known as Fashy Fizzy; he also designs Tony Tetuila’s Dress Shirts.
Suits for me have to be Versace. I like the cut and style the designer uses in putting designs together. Aside Versace, another suit maker that I also like a lot is Hubert Givenchy.
Inner wear
I like polo Ralph Laurel for my inner shirt and for boxers, I prefer Dolce and Gabbana.

For belt, I like Ferragamo and D&G but I do not like to wear caps; I am not a cap person because I love the structure of my head. Moreover, my brand name is ATORISE and since I preach about the head, people must see mine.

 I have a lot of shoes that I’ve lost count. I have virtually all good names you can think of in my bedroom; but out of them all, I still prefer my Feragamo first, then Gucci which I wear mostly for my slippers.

What I’m wearing now is Gucci. I have also in my collection Mark Jacob, Safari and Ray Ban.
Wrist watches
One fashion accessory that I don’t joke with is the wrist watch; aside keeping time, it tells a complete story of a man. I cherish my Burberry wrist watch a lot. I also have Louis Vuitton, Longiness and my Rolex, I bought it for $6,000.00.

When it comes to perfume, I’m a crazy fan of Hugo Boss. I have most of his collections. At present, I’m using 212 Carolina, 212 Aqua, 212 Sexy, 212 Splash and 212 on Ice. Sometimes, I like to do a little Versace with the Versace for men. Aside this, I’m a strictly Hugo Boss fan for perfume.
Beauty Product
 I use the local chewing stick every morning after which I’ll use a mouth wash. I do not like using either brush or toothpaste and I’ve doing this for many years. For my bath soap, I use Delta Pears baby lotion. And for my hair, I still stick with sporting waves.
I love turquoise blue; the reason is simple, I love the sky most when it brings on the colour. To me,it is the colour of life because everywhere in the world, there is a sky. 
I don’t like yellow gold at all except white gold. I wear silver and white gold alone.
I like Peugeot products as well as Toyota and Honda products. My Range Rover Sport is still efficient as well as the Mercedes Benz.
I love MC million books. I also like that Yoruba book known as Alawiye.
Mobile Phone/Laptop
I love Iphones because of its advanced technology. I still like Blackberry and Samsung. Not forgetting the durable Nokia. I think those are the names that matter in mobile phone these days. My Laptops are apple and Toshiba.
Omotola Jalade remains my favourite Nigerian actress;  she is very good at what she does, extremely talented that you don’t see her in a role but the character she chooses to play.  For male, I still prefer Yemi Awobodu.
Internationally, I’m not crazy about any international actress; I only love our indigenous movie practitioners.
On music, I love Beautiful Nubian  for male and Asa for female. These two musicians are great because of not only their style of music but their creativity.
I’m a typical Yoruba boy, so anytime, I’ll always vote for Eba and Ogbono or Apon Soup.
Hangout/Vacation Sport
When I’m on the Island, I like the hangout at Quilox and when on the Mainland, I like hanging out at the Place.

My best vacation spot is in Houston Texas in the U.S. I love the weather and the peacefulness.

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