Friday, July 7, 2017

Pathetic: Last Days Of Ex-Taraba Gov. Danbaba Suntai ! ...Abandoned by Friends and Family Members

This is about the most pathetic and sorry case ever for any mortal. It is about the apologetic state of the lkast days of  erstwhile governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai, who fate played a bad one on few years back when he was tragically involved in a fatal air crash while marking time with his well-known hobby and pastime, flying. The incident left him in a very unpalatable, pitiable and excruciatingly painful condition that he was a sorry sight before his death. The once bubbly Suntai, to say the least, became a complete shadow of his former self, having turned to an obviously irredeemable vegetable, occasioned by the tragic incident!

 The once affable governor has a rich pedigree, having been, in its tow, a successful pharmacist, a former local government chairman, a former state party chairman, former Honourable Commissioner, former Secretary to the state government, and ultimately becoming the one-time powerful and influential Governor of Taraba State. But all these paraphernalia and plum offices he once held jaundiced by his state of health, after many attempts to revive him at many specialist hospitals home and abroad. His situation   became very pathetic and as many envisage, it eventually claimed his life. Looking at him before he passed on  in a wheelchair and a toy in his hand like a baby and just his wife around him really leaves much to be desired. He couldn’t recognize anyone including his wife, children and family members. Much sad is the fact that even his political allies, hypocrites and sycophants, who used to mill around him when he was hale, hearty and very influential, were no more around him in his hour of need for consolation, just as very negligible few of his immediate and extensive family members are scantily visible. What is more? He  could no longer sign his cheques to withdraw all the money he has accumulated, not to talk of buying what he desired nor make trips abroad for leisure. He couldn’t even  wear those expensive clothes and top designers’ pure leather shoes that he had acquired over the years to move around and show-off. His situation was so pathetic  that it should readily serve as a veritable lesson-cum-wake-up call to all discerning on what we do or say now; how we busy ourselves pursuing and amassing worldly things without thinking of the end time. Need one say more? He got to a state of being neither here nor here; he become so forlorn ad miserable that he wallowed in abject abandonment and agony till the ultimate life terminator came to save him from the earthly troubles. It was that bad and precarious. Danbaba Suntai’s predicament can be likened to that of ‘grass to grace back to grass.’ Ipso Facto.

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