Thursday, March 2, 2017

Celebrating A Legend K1 The Ultimate @ 60

In my two decades of journeying through the ‘pen pushing’ world, I've been so fortunate to have met with great people; people that have shaped my life in positive ways that has made me ever grateful to the heavens for dropping them on my narrow way. One of these super individuals is King Wasiu Ayinde Omogbolahan Marshal who is fondly referred to as K1 The Ultimate in the entertainment world. He has been magnificent right from the day we bonded to the present time.

I can still recollect vividly my first encounter with his majesty at the then Toyin Street Ikeja based De Captains Restaurant before the new millennium. Obviously K1 had been away for a while that led to a certain rumour as at that time. During the introduction, I remembered I got up and sounded my name- Kunle Rasheed. His eyes ran through me and he uttered the words ‘Oh, we have new people in the industry now’. K1’s reason for saying this was because another young journalist, Bayo Adeoye had introduced himself before me. But as good as it seemed then that I met Alhaji before the year 2000, our paths did not really crossed until the early morning of a certain day at the Niteshift Coliseum. K1 had finished entertaining the crowd and the journalists at the club went to the stage to see him. Out of curiosity, I moved to the stage too. Despite just ending an energetic performance, he shook hands with us all and asked for the names of those he was not familiar with. Interestingly, when it got to my turn, as I voiced the name kunle Rasheed, he dropped my hand and said in Yoruba, ‘so iwo lonje kunle rasheed …..’ Obviously I must have written several things he had read before. At first, I did not understand what he meant because prying into people’s privacy was the job I was paid to do. He later on gave advices on why I should shelve that part of the job claiming it was old fashion. With Dele Momodu’s Ovation as a reference point, K1 wowed me by displaying a sound knowledgeable mind different from pictures those who don’t know him had painted. That early morning, he exhibited a rare understanding of the literary world that knocked me off my feet quoting great writers to back up his points.
The impromptu meeting signaled a robust relationship between ‘father’ and son.
K1 has been a bridge for me and he is never tired of playing that fatherly role. Many times when I go off the lane with other people, he’ll be the one to knock things back on track. How can I ever forget his counseling to make me be a better person in life.
Many times I would wonder why he took special interest in me that he enjoys being a rainbow in my cloud, but all I could do is appreciate his love for me. How I wish words will convey the way I feel, but since the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, except felt with the heart, I may not be able to represent my gratitude to him for being a worthy mentor with this short note.
One thing I have learnt over the years of being both his apostle and disciple is that he is selfless and he is so passionate about putting smiles on the lips of many people that it has become his fetish addiction. Another thing many who are not close to him do not know is that he is an avid reader; he reads and researches into several areas of life that hardly will you randomly bring up a topic that he would not contribute meaningfully to it. He is so versed that anothertag of professor has been added to his unending titles.
Remarkably, it is a conspicuous fact that indeed birthday comes once in a year. But for the music Czar, celebrating his birthday this year is momentous in every way because Arabambi is celebrating the big 60.
Today marks a new beginning in the life of Omo Ojushagbola because it is not an easy feat to attain six decades in this time of lower years of life expectancy especially in my country of birth. Good health remains my only wish for a man who has been blessed so much by Mother Nature.
Definitely, today’s celebration is special for a special achiever who has continually made mark as a super star that he is. Friends and loved ones, please help me celebrate this living legend with birthday wishes

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