Tuesday, May 9, 2017

There should be limits to our skepticism!- By Steve Aborishade

I was shocked during my docu-film project in the northeast, where I discovered that besides the Chibok girls, thousands of girls, women and ladies were abducted by Boko Haram. I met and interacted with some abductees, whom, at different times and locations, made revelations that were coherent with one another. Boko Haram NEVER rapes or marries any abducted female–save for those who willingly marries members of the group. You may ask me that why would a girl/lady marry a killer? Well, this condensed bits of info might suffice: Members of Boko Haram who tried funny things with abductees were killed. The terror group operates with strict Islamic doctrines, which frowns at rape, stealing from the group, etc. Also, all female abductees were treated like princesses.” – Afolabi Immanuel Abayomi 

While it is difficult to blame anyone who have lost faith and confidence in our leaders and government, since they hardly project trust and are largely unworthy of our confidence. Still as citizens, we must be mindful of our level of skepticism and how we react to our reality. To be sure, Boko Haram is an inherited problem and a carry over from the Jonathan Presidency. 
The Chibok girls were truly kidnapped, this is not make believe. I don’t have to comment on how badly both Jonathan and Buhari have performed as regards the issue of the girls. They both failed. They both could have done better, but now, here is where we are. I have sympathy for those who remain in disbelief. Even when we think this is a conspiracy, there has been instances where we should have realised that perhaps this might not have been the case. 
Several governments of the world won’t join in such a conspiracy. Now to how the Buhari presidency continues to handle the issue of the girls. I am not too surprised at the professionalism on display in the handling of the issue, even when it involves trauma. I am not surprised because it is not news that they lack a lot of competence on many things. 
So this fits the narrative of their trademark. But we hope they get better. It is what we must do – hope and pray! Sadly. So, to citizens questioning and doubting and basing their doubts on the comparisons between those two pictures merged, I have one word for you. Please stop. You have a right to doubt, and truly there are more questions than answers that have been provided, sadly.
 But the gaps here is not due to the fact that the story of Chibok is made up. Chibok is as real as your palm. The prevailing argument has been that the girls look well fed and well kept, whereas we expect them to be emaciated like the IDPs. Yes, that’s right. But have we paused to ask ourselves why that could be possible? Have we considered that there may actually have been a reason for that before we concluded this is a sham? I think we should consider the plausibility of the quote above.

But it does not absolve officials of this government living in the past. Their obsession with secrecy is sickening. And we deserve more than we are getting in terms of information about issues affecting our lives.

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