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Lagos Speaker Relegates 2nd Wife, As He Picks 3rd Wife …Packs 1st Wife’s Belonging Out Of Room To Accommodate New Wife +His Many Lies

In life, it is common knowledge that facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored; it is also very true that it is not wise enough to lie to oneself, because, anyone who lies to himself will get to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. This aptly explains the situation the Honourable Speaker of the Lagos House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa finds himself at the moment.
When your soar away magazine City Rovers exclusively reported that there was indeed fire on the mountain in the homefront of the Speaker concerning his first wife, Alhaja Fausat Obasa’s alleged unholy dalliance with one Samuel who was an aide in the house, the lawmaker who now controls the affairs of the State of Excellence assembly denied to high heavens that nothing of such happened; he even went further to say he has never at any time sent his wife out of their Oko-Oba, Lagos matrimonial home, over the allegation when it was evident that it was indeed our story that became the soothing cement  that mended fences between the hitherto loving couple.
Obasa And First Wife, Fausat

Now, there is another twist to the tale that has turned to be a seasonal movie. The lawmaker who started his life by selling wristwatches by the roadside of the rowdy slum of Oshodi in Lagos before politics took him away from poverty land has scored another vital goal. He has not only courted another daughter of eve, he has made another lady his new wife, making his harem to increase to three.
The new lucky lady is simply known as Idayat Olushola and she works with the Lagos Revenue Service (lRS).
Both the Honourable Speaker and the pretty lady have been in cozy relationship secretly, until the lawmaker who is representing the good people of Agege decided to make it official. Though, like the last wife, he did not do any formality to signal the arrival of a fresher apple. However, during the last Muslim celebration, when he knew there would be many visitors in the house, from family members to party associates and disciples, Honourable Obasa used the opportunity to introduce his new rave;  he was said to have done it casually that many would feel there was no problem associated with the latest arrival. The Speaker, City Rovers further gathered just told the other wives that Idayat is the new lady of the house and they should accept her wholeheartedly.
Our dependable source hinted us that the first wife was not surprised, since she witnessed a similar case some months back when the Speaker brought home Bukky Obasa, the second wife in such manner. But, Bukky who had thought she would be the alpha and omega of the heart of the speaker was worse hit; she felt so sad that we learnt she cried her soul out that night and we were further told that it has become a norm every other night for her to cry in her privacy that another woman is taking her shine and love-of-her-life away from her so soon.
City Rovers reliably gathered that the new wife has been welcomed into the house as the first wife was told to vacate a room she packed some of her properties.  Her belongings, we heard, were moved to the store and the whole room was changed to befit the new status of the young lady whom we learnt got into the tax collecting agency job through the speaker’s benevolence.
Our tales bird has not stopped relaying the situation in the home of the speaker which he likened to big trouble in little China or rather fuji oh sorry Obasa house of commotion.  Unlike the rested famous sitcom ‘Fuji House of Commotion’, the hubbub in the home is silent, but the silence is loud enough to set the home on permanent fire.
We are still waiting to see who will get the title of Speaker’s first lady now that they are three.
Meanwhile, for those who did not have the opportunity of reading the first story, we have reproduced it here:

Adultery Allegation Trails
Lagos Lawmaker Mudashiru Obasa’s Wife
…Accused Of Sleeping With Husband’s Driver
…Driver Shot
In life, the prayer of any spouse is to witness the growth of the partner in the union of marriage. Many women will do anything to see that the man they love climb the ladder of success in quick succession. But for Alhaja Fausat Obasa, the wife of one of the most successful lawmakers in Lagos, Honourable Mudashiru Obasa, her story is not the same.
The lady who had weathered enough tempests from the time the husband was selling wristwatches by the roadside at Oshodi in Lagos to the point of rising to become a successful lawmaker in the city of excellence is not having it good in her union with her man.
Just at a time she was feeling they have ‘arrived’ as a thriving couple, she’s now in the cold with a big tag of an adulterer placed on her. The husband has even married another lady by the name, Bukky.
Hon. Mudashiru Obasa is not even alleging that his once dear wife stole behind his back with a worthy partner; he is claiming that his personal driver has been fetching water in the well of his dear wife with his long rope.
The lawmaker, who is representing the good people of Orile Agege in Lagos State, last year August 2014, precisely sent Alhaja Fausat, his wife out of their Agege, Lagos home on the allegation that she was having an unholy alliance with his personal driver. He also alleged that his darling wife is too generous with her nature’s gift to outsiders.
City Rovers exclusively gathered that the driver in the centre of the squabble was brought into the family house as a way of showing appreciation by the lawmaker to his late benefactor who helped him secure a job as a labourer at a construction site when the going was extremely rough for him.
Tales had it that the driver’s father died while outside the shores of the land in search of greener pastures. And Honourable Obasa saw the need to help the young man as a way of paying back the favour the father rendered when he was alive.
 According to City Rovers’ dependable source, the boy Samuel was an obedient and dutiful servant, not until the allegation of sleeping with madam emanated from tales land. We gathered exclusively that Hon. Obasa was romantically linked with the driver’s girlfriend who usually comes into the house to offer teaching services to the young children. It was said that it was the same lady who blew the lid on the alleged love affair between Alhaja Fausat and the young driver.
No matter the explanation, Hon. Obasa turned his deaf ears until he made sure that she was sent packing from the house.
A twist, however, became part of the story seven months after the wife was sent packing from their matrimonial home.  The story became dissimilar when this reporter got in touch with the Lagos Lawmaker; the call became a catalyst that made him to quickly run back to his obedient wife and ordered her back into the matrimonial home. The elated lady, who thought the husband had had a rethink hurriedly went back to the house and was made to speak with this reporter in order to sway the truth.
The wife may still be in that house but he remained an effigy who is/was just used to block a space in the home, we were told.
 To support this claim that the boat ferrying the once happy couple has sailed to the end of the road, the lawmaker went to the clerk and the registrar of the House and made sure that the name of Alhaja Fausat has been replaced with that of this new wife, Bukky.
Even, recently, when the lawmaker’s wives had a retreat in Ghana, the name of his wife, Fausat was missing and when the wife inquired to know why, she was told that the husband has replaced her name with a tall order not to entertain anything from her.
Samuel, the young driver who was alleged to be eating from the same pot with his patron, was shot at by yet to be identified gun loving thugs. Although no one has been able to link this to the Honourable, there are strong indications that the young boy got punished for daring to eat in the same plate with his benefactor.
The young man, however, survived the gun shot when several pallets were removed from his body.

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