Friday, February 3, 2017

Nigerians To Face Mass Deportation From UK From April ….Operation Perfect Your Papers Or Get Deported In Place

Millions of Nigerians living illegally in the United Kingdom stand the risk of being deported back to their country from the queen’s land if the new law that was passed by the parliament is to be taken into consideration. The recommended law will take effect from April later this year and it is bound to affect millions of Nigerians and other commonwealth citizens who have hitherto felt the United Kingdom is secured enough for them to the point of being their second home.
As bad as the new law is, it does not matter how long you may have stayed in the country; you may have stayed for forty years or above, the moment you are bumped into, the next thing is that you’ll be on your way home.

 Even those who have papers that have expired but refused to update them are also at risk. We are told that those who fall into this category too have no option that to plunge into a long visit to their homeland.
Those who should know inform us that the whole thing is caused by the Brexit that the UK embarked on and it was made known that people needed  to take action before article 50 for Brexit commence.
According to well-informed sources, there’s a new Immigration act 2016 that was due to come into force in April but has been delayed for a month or two will make many unsafe.
The home office is bent on deporting people from the commonwealth who have been in the country since the 1950's before the public have a real understanding of the implications of this new act.
Many who live in the country are advised to regulate their status in the country so that the impending tsunami will not erode them away irrespective of how long they've been in the UK.
Those who have British passport that have expired should endeavor to renew it because they too can be caught in that web we were told. Also, many people who have not travelled for years and did not try to renew their passport will also have problem with the law. Many of them will now have problems as Home Office won't have them on their system & therefore won't recognise them. Due to poor record keeping system in their originating countries the older generation will be unlikely to duplicate copy of their original documents. 
There are lots of people, irrespective of how long they’ve been in the country, that  went to school in the country and have been living in the country for many  years that haven't regulated their status under residency rules. These sets of people are not immune from deportation.
The new law also has it that those who have citizenship and resident permit can also be deported with their citizenship withdrawn if theh are found to be involved in top crimes.   
 From April those who overstayed their visa & found working will now be charged with a criminal offence. Even, before any landlord can rent a property they have, they have to carry out immigration checks to make sure the person has legal status in the country. The decision about whether  they will have a legal duty to report someone if they found they don't have legal status is still pending.
There's a rocky road ahead; people should not assume Brexit is primarily relevant to Europe, there are serious implications for people in the UK from both commonwealth & non-commonwealth countries.

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